Ventilation Products

Proper ventilation is important in any building situation and is essential to avoiding problems such as condensation buildup. VersaFrame offers a full line of durable ventilation products to meet almost all job requirements and budgets. See our variety of ventilation products below and if you require more information or help deciding what’s best for your job then feel free to contact any our locations today.
We offer vented large tab foam closures for our 9-36 and 12-36 profiles. Like our standard closures, vented foam closures come in 3′ lengths and help keep water and snow out while allowing air to pass through. Large tab closures are typically installed under the ridge cap at the peak of the building.
The Flex O Vent product is made from the same polyester-based material as the vented foam closure. Flex O Vent comes in easy to install 10′ rolls. It’s durability and easy installation make it an excellent choice for ventilating your building. Flex O Vent can be easily pressed to meet the contours of your metal profile for a uniform fit.
The Python product is a single layer ridge ventilation product that can be used for all sorts of roofing applications, whether your installing a metal roof or laying shingles. The Python ridge ventilation product comes in easy to handle 20′ rolls for easy installation.