​​7/8″ Corrugated Panel

​​​7/8" Corrugated Panel


The 7/8″ Corrugated Profile is one the longest standing metal profiles around. It’s wave like corrugation makes it the ideal profile for a wide array of projects, whether it be agricultural, commercial or residential. The corrugated ribs at 2.66″ on centre and 7/8″ high give this profile a strong appearance on any application. ​

3d View of ​​​7/8" Corrugated Panel




26, 24


35" width (26ga), 36" width (24ga)


3' to 50'

Rib Height

7/8" on 2.66" centres

Fastener System

Exposed Fastener

Recommended Substrate

Open Spacing or Solid Substrate


See fastener section for sizes and uses


See 7/8" flashing section for commonly used trim


Corrugated LT, Corrugated ST


See accessory section for more roofing accessories

Stock Colour Option

*** Colours are representative only, please visit your nearest branch for physical colour samples.


Wood Grain Stock Colours (COMING MAY 2024)

Textured Stock Colours

Installation Help

The 7/8″ corrugated panel is relatively easy to install. Simply lay your first sheet on the opposite end of your building of the prevailing winds and follow the recommended fastener pattern to the right. The second sheet can be laid with one rib overlapping the first panel, as per the picture to the right, and follow that pattern for each corresponding panel. For more in depth installation advice on panels, flashing and accessories, download/print our installation guide below.

Recommended Fastener Patterns

Side Lap fasteners recommended when installing as roof panel

Pre Drilling sheets in bundles is not recommended during installation for any steel sheets as this can cause hot burs which can rust to the pre painted or bare sheet and create a rusting appearance around the drill holes.