Metal To Metal Fasteners


Our line of metal to metal fasteners are designed to provide superior holding strength when attaching metal roofing and siding to steel frames. Metal to metal fasteners are widely used for applying metal roofing and siding panels to pre-engineered steel buildings and other steel frames.

Fasteners are available in a variety of head sizes, thread widths and lengths. See below for a full listing of our stock fastener sizes or call any of our branches for availability on specialty or non stock sizes.


With the proper tools, fastener installation is an easy process. Standard drills and the right size socket bit (3/8″ hex, 5/16″ hex, 1/4″ hex) is all thats required. Impact drills are not recommended for drilling fasteners as they often cause paint chipping on the fastener head itself. Although common practise, VerseaFrame does not recommend pre drilling sheets in bundles as hot burs created from the drilling process can embed into the paint finish of your steel panel. These hot burs will rust when in contact with moisture, creating a rusting appearance around the areas that were pre drilled. If pre drilling bundles, it is important to install sheets immediately and wipe away any metal filings or burs that embed on the sheet.

Fastener Drilling Recommendations