With over 30 stock colours and a variety of sizes, our line of fasteners are designed to provide superior holding strength when attaching metal roofing and siding to steel or wood frames and plywood. Sourced from some of the industries leading suppliers our fasteners are available in a variety of head sizes, thread widths and lengths. See below for a full listing of our stock fastener sizes or call any of our branches for availability on specialty or non stock fasteners.

Metal-To-Wood Fasteners

Metal to Wood fasteners are designed to attach steel roofing and siding used in agricultural and residential metal roofing applications. A high-hex washer head provides driving stability, threads deliver superior holding strength, and a sharp point makes installation quick. High-quality plating provides extended corrosion resistance while a bonded seal washer creates a tight seal upon installation. Metal to wood fasteners are used to fastener steel roofing and siding to wood frames or plywood.

Metal-To-Metal Fasteners

Metal to Metal self-drilling screws are ideal for light-to-medium gauge metal-to-metal building applications. The drill points are designed to penetrate a wide variety of metal thicknesses. Metal to Metal fasteners are commonly used on pre-engineered steel buildings as well as other applications where your roofing or siding sheets will be applied to a steel substrate or steel frame.

Also included in this group is the stitch (lap) screw which is commonly used to fasten adjoining panels at the overlap. With a drill point designed to penetrate thin gauge metal they are easily installed and provide a secure hold.

Clip Screw

Clip screws are available in both a metal to wood or metal to metal style drill point and are ideal for fastening standing seam roof clips or snaplock panels to plywood, OSB, wood purlins or steel purlins and frames.

Custom Fasteners

Don’t see what you need in any of our standard fastener product offerings? We can help!
We work with some of the industries leading fastener manufacturers/suppliers and can help with sourcing custom, or non stock fasteners. Whether you require a specific length, thread, drill tip, head size, head type, or any other option a fastener may provide let us know and we’ll be happy to help fill your needs.