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When it comes to choosing the right metal roofing & siding products for your agricultural needs we can help. VersaFrame Inc. offers multiple profiles, gauges and substrates to ensure you get your roof right. Browse our most commonly used agricultural profiles below. Typically 29 gauge hi tensile zinc aluminum coated steel is used for agricultural projects such as pole sheds/barns, machine storage and all other non animal confinement buildings around the farm. If your looking for steel roofing and siding for animal confinement buildings such as hog barns, we highly recommend using a galvanized base G90 steel. For more details on our agri line of products feel free to contact any of our locations.

Most Commonly Used Agricultural Profiles

9-36 PANEL

Pole Sheds/Barns----- Shops ----- Barns ----- Interior Liner


Quonset Buildings


Interior Liner

Commonly Used Gauges

Standard Gauges (steel thickness) for metal roofing and siding are 29, 26 and 24, with 24 gauge being the thickest. The vast majority of agricultural projects use 29 gauge hi tensile material and are typically coated with a silicone modified polyester paint system. In some instances such as for use on animal confinement buildings, 26 gauge steel is recommended. Visit or call any of our locations for more information on what gauge will best suit your needs.

Commonly Used Substrates

Typically, the steel used in forming your metal roofing and siding panels is available in two substrates. ASTM A792 spec steel is the most commonly used steel when it comes to metal roofing and siding requirements. With its zinc aluminum coating acting as a rust inhibitor, this type of steel will provide the longest lifespan under normal atmospheric conditions. In some cases, where normal atmospheric conditions are not the case, such as in animal confinement buildings where off gases are often produced, the use of ASTM A653 spec steel, a galvanized base G90 coated steel is highly recommended as it has shown to out perform and outlast ASTM A792 spec steel under these circumstances. Call or visit any of our branches for more information and our availability on both steel substrates.

Commonly Used Accessories

Standard trim for each of our recommended agricultural panels can be found in our trim section.  For the majority of agricultural buildings standard trim is more then adequate. If you want a more customized look or don’t see the trim you require then call any of our locations for custom trim requirements.  If you require an interior liner panel then we have options depending on the project your doing.  Most agricultural buildings will use a steel interior liner package made up of any of our standard profile listings.  Most commonly our 9-36 or Mesa panel is used on agricultural interior liner packages.  If however, you require a plastic liner panel then our corrugated PVC panel or the hidden fastener reline system are both excellent choices.  Additional accessories can be found in our accessory section.  The majority of agricultural projects will require a metal to wood fastener (#14 or #10)and foam closures, either standard or vented.  For information on the rest of our metal roofing and siding accessories visit our accessory section or call us for more information.

Commonly Used Colours and Paints

Our metal roofing and siding profiles are available in a wide array of colours.  We offer over 30+ colours in an industry standard silicone modified paint (SMP) finish.  Silicone modified paints are widely used in the agricultural market where both lifespan and budget are important.  See below for all of our colour options.