Foam Closures


Our line of foam closure products delivers a snug fit for any type of building requirement. Made from durable crosslink polyethylene foam, our products won’t bleed, dry out, or dissolve with weather and UV exposure. The full ¼” bead of our industrial adhesive (specially designed to adhere in subfreezing temperatures and to wet surfaces) that is applied to our foam closures ensures they won’t move or blow away during installation. Foam closures are available in 3′ lengths to fit any of our roofing and siding profiles.

Custom Fit Foam Closure System

UV resistant, designed to last 40 years or more.

  • Full 1/4” bead (once installed) of adhesive applied
  • Profiles for every application​
  • Better UV resistance/longer lasting than competition
  • No excess scrap for easier cleanup

Closures made to fit the following profiles

  • 9-36
  • 12-36/Reverse
  • Low Rib
  • Diamond Rib/Reverse
  • 7/8″ Corrugated

Step 1

Ensure the self-adhesive closure configuration fits the roof panel used.

Step 2

The inside Closure fits the underside of the panel.

Step 3

Place the roof panel over pre-cut closure configuration for a snug fit. Attach panel over closure with proper fasteners.