How to order

How to order

From start to finish we strive to make your buying experience as straight forward and simple as possible. Whether you are an experienced contractor or a home owner who’e new to metal roofing and siding products we can help. Each of our locations not only manufactures metal roofing and siding but are also capable of quoting and selling our products. If you are looking for a full quote, material pricing, or have any general inquiries about metal roofing and siding products then visit or call any of our branches today.
Typically there are two needs when getting pricing, one for simple budgetary requirements which requires a rough square foot price. The other for full building/project quotes. See below for what we’ll need to get you what you need.

Square foot pricing

If your looking for budgetary numbers or a rough square foot price on any of our profiles, simply call any of our locations and provide the following information. Trim/accessory costs if required typically add anywhere from 15 to 25% to the overall price.


(Thickness) required (29ga, 26ga, 24ga). If your not sure simply ask and we can help you determine what gauge your project might need.

Colour required

(Bare Agalume, Pre painted), all of our stock colours are priced the same, non stock colours may be available for an added cost.

Profile Required

* Square foot pricing is for our custom rolled steel profiles only and does not factor additional costs for trim and accessories however those costs if required will typically add 15 to 25%.

Square Footage

(Rough estimate of the square footage your project requires). If you are unsure we can help you determine this based on a few measurements we'll need you to provide.

Full Material List Quote (Panels, Flashing, Accessories)

If your require a full material quote for your residential, agricultural, or light commercial project we can help. Contact any of our branches for further details and we’ll put together a full package price including costs for the steel roofing/siding, trim, fasteners and the accessories you will need. For quick quotes visit our request a quote page, fill out the required information and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible. For package quotes we may need to contact you and may require further information.