Help Center........Residential Metal Roofing & Siding

When it comes to choosing the right roof for your home or cottage project, longevity, durability and aesthetics are all characteristics that come to mind…….VersaFrame Inc. offers numerous metal roofing profiles, colours and gauges to fit those needs. Whether your looking for a high end roof with a hidden fastener system or a more economical profile with exposed fasteners we can help. See below for our most commonly used metal roofing profiles when it comes to your residential projects.

Most Commonly Used residential Profiles


Residential Roofs---------Cottage/Cabin Roofs


Residential Roofs-------Cottage/Cabin Roofs

9-36 PANEL

Residential Roofs------Cottage/Cabin Roofs

Board & Batten PANEL

Residential Walls------Cottage/Cabin Walls

Commonly Used Gauges

Standard Gauges (steel thickness) for metal roofing and siding are 29, 26 and 24, with 24 gauge being the thickest. The vast majority of residential projects use 26 or 24 gauge material and are typically coated with a silicone modified polyester paint system. VersaFrame does not manufacture it’s standing seam or snaplock panels in 29 gauge material due to the risk of oil canning (waviness) occurring in the finished product. Both 26 and 24 gauge material will provide a solid aesthetically pleasing look on your residential project. Visit or call any of our locations for more information on what gauge will best suit your needs.

Commonly Used Substrates

Typically, the steel used in forming your metal roofing and siding panels is available in two substrates ASTM A792 & ASTM A653. ASTM A792 spec steel is the most commonly used steel when it comes to metal roofing and siding requirements. With its zinc aluminum coating acting as a rust inhibitor, this type of steel will provide the longest lifespan under normal atmospheric conditions.

Commonly Used Accessories

Often, residential projects will require a number of accessories to complete the job. VersaFrame Inc. offers a wide variety of standard roofing and siding accessories to complete your project from trim and closures to underlayments and pipe flashing; all can be found in our accessories section. Standard trim for each of our recommended residential panels can be found in our trim section. If you want a more customized look or don’t see the trim you require then call any of our locations for custom trim requirements. In addition to sheeting and trim, most residential projects will require underlayment which is applied over a solid substrate such as plywood, prior to installing the metal sheeting. Pipe flashing is typically required for flashing around roof vents, chimneys and stacks. Closures, sealants and fasteners will all be required to seal off and finish your project. Fastener and closure requirements will differ depending on your panel choice. For further help or information for your residential project call any of our locations today.

Commonly Used Colours and Paints

Our metal roofing and siding profiles are available in a wide array of colours. We offer over 30+ colours in an industry standard silicone modified paint (SMP) finish. Silicone modified paints are widely used in the residential market where both lifespan and budget are important. See below for all of our colour options.